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Title: Web based home automation control system
Authors: Issa, Mazen
Ghazarian, Harout
Advisors: Daba, Jihad S. 
Subjects: Home automation
Issue Date: 2014
This report describes a device that monitors multiple sensors and controls electrical relays that can be connected to various appliances to serve a home automation purpose. The design consists mainly of an Arduino Uno platform, a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, an ambient light sensor, a PIR motion sensor four relays,a servo motor,and a web application. The code on the Arduino is programmed to process the data continuously from the sensors, and interact serially with the web application to display the house humidity, temperature, light level and if there was an intrusion, in parallel the arduino should wait for the order from the web app to energized or de-energize any specific relay that the user want the unit to and to control a servo motor. Interacting with the Arduino will help users gain full control of their houses remotely. Future works should improve this prototype by making it, more accurate and smarter.
Includes bibliographical references (p.44).

Supervised by Dr. Jihad Daba.
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Type: Project
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