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Title: Remotely operated vehicle (ROV)
Authors: Nasr, Elias
Saad, Joseph
Advisors: Berbari, Racha El 
Subjects: Remote submersibles
Underwater exploration
Issue Date: 2013
Observing the underwater world is quite interesting in many fields and not that easy at the same time. In order to observe this marvelous place, many types of equipment are available nowadays, but all the professional items that can go deep enough to see the wonders of the sea are extremely expensive and very hard to acquire, especially in Lebanon. The purpose of this project is to design and control an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Wirelessly controlled by the user via a friendly user interface, showing real video about the ROV trajectory, this vehicle is able to easily navigate underwater. The user can not only observe the underwater environment, but also feel it due to the different onboard sensors including a temperature sensor to detect waters temperature, an ambient light sensor for guidance at increased depth, and two proximity sensors to avoid facing any possible obstacle when moving on. The vacuum inside the vehicle is maintained due to the humidity sensor used to avoid any possible leakage that once detected the vehicles motors will be automatically commanded returning back to surface. The proposed ROV showed to be competitive with the DTG2 ROV of Deep Trekker, evolving the ROV from simple underwater discovery to more advanced product with even less price.
Includes bibliographical references (p.30-31).

Supervised by Dr. Racha El Berbari.
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Type: Project
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