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Title: Eko pearl tower seismic design
Authors: Najjar, Afaf
Nahal, Andrew
Khaldi, Mona
Advisors: Zerbe, Hikmat
Subjects: Earthquake resistant design--Case studies
Earthquake engineering
Issue Date: 2014
One major problem that should be dealt with in Lebanon is earthquake. Lebanon is classified as an active region and it was upgraded from being moderate to moderate-high seismic activity. Beirut was destroyed 3 times by earthquakes and tsunami, in 551AD, in 1202AD, and in 1759AD. This project is about a dynamic analysis and design of a tower in Lebanon, Beirut. What is special about this project is the new way of designing the beams and analyzing slabs. Beams were designed using the ACI with the New Zealand detailing. As for slabs, trying to differentiate a one way from a two way slab is not always a matter of ratio. This depends on the structural elements at the sides of the slab. This is explained in details in the project. This project includes the seismic design of almost all the structural elements of the building. This is a list of structural elements designed: - Frames (Columns and Beams) - Joint of column and beam - Shear walls - Mat foundation.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 113).

Supervised by Dr. Hikmat Zerbe.
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Type: Project
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