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Title: Synthesis and characterization of waste cooking oil based biodiesel : design of a new alternative biofuel in the Lebanese scope
Authors: Samad, Hassan El
Jadam, Majd
Jaafar, Sojoud
Advisors: Merehubi, Hilal El
Subjects: Biofuels
Biodiesel fuels
Dissertations, Academic
University of Balamand--Dissertations
Issue Date: 2018
With the increase in continuous production and consumption of engine fuel, it is expected that the world’s reserves might be depleted eventually. This calls for the use of an alternative fuel that is sustainable and greener. Biodiesel was synthesized by a homogenous transesterification reaction of waste cooking oil with Methanol using Potassium Hydroxide as a catalyst. Purified biodiesel, blended with green diesel can present an alternative biofuel in Lebanon. Moreover, this alternative fuel production reduces inadequate disposable of waste cooking oil in Lebanon. An optimized ratio of blending was found to be 35% of biodiesel with respect to density and viscosity tests relative to the Lebanese standards for automotive diesel. This blend was then characterized for the most important chemical and physical properties of diesel fuel. Characterization results of this blend were compared to those of green diesel and pure biodiesel. Most importantly, the characterizations conducted show that this blend meets Lebanese standards for summer use automotive fuels with an improved ignition quality represented by its high Cetane Number of 67.6.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 41-47).
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Type: Project
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