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Title: Wicked men, evil world: evil between psychoanalysis and historical materialism
Authors: Tassone, Giuseppe 
Affiliations: Cultural Studies Program 
Issue Date: 2014
Part of: Telos
Volume: 2014
Issue: 166
Start page: 101
End page: 121
Since September 11 the discourse of good and evil has gained a new popularity. All of a sudden, the world appears to be sharply divided between perpetrators of horrible crimes and their helpless victims. Or, by way of a Hegelian speculative mirroring, between geopolitical projections of the axis of evil and anachronistic remnants of evil infidels. Yet, despite its escalating proliferation, the renewed currency of the political rhetoric of evil is rather surprising if one considers that it goes against the grain of the entire tradition of modern philosophy. Evil was always the concern of theologians who wrestled to reconcile….
Type: Journal Article
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