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Title: Ti2-containing 18-tungsto-2-arsenate(III) monolacunary host and the incorporation of a phenylantimony(III) guest.
Authors: Wang , K.Y
Lin, Zhengguo
Bassil, Bassem 
Xing, X
Haider, Ali
Keita, Bineta
Zhang, Guangjin
Silvestru, C
Kortz, Ulrich
Affiliations: Department of Chemistry 
Issue Date: 2015
Part of: Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Volume: 54
Issue: 22
Start page: 10530
End page: 10532
The novel Ti2-containing, sandwich-type 18-tungsto-2-arsenate(III) [(Ti(IV)O)2(α-As(III)W9O33)2](14-) (1) was successfully synthesized by the reaction of [TiO](2+) species with [α-As(III)W9O33](9-). The monolacunary polyanion 1 is solution-stable, and a further reaction with 1 equiv of phenylantimony(III) dichloride resulted in [C6H5Sb(III)(Ti(IV)O)2(α-As(III)W9O33)2](12-) (2). Both polyanions 1 and 2 were structurally characterized in the solid state and solution. Electrochemical studies were also performed on both polyanions.
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Type: Journal Article
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