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Title: Tetradecanuclear iron(III)-oxo nanoclusters stabilized by trilacunary heteropolyanions
Authors: Ibrahim, Masooma
Haider, Ali
Xiang, Y
Bassil, Bassem 
Carey, Akina M.
Rullik, L
Jameson, G.B
Doungmene, F
Mbomekallé, I.M
De Oliveira, P
Mereacre, V
Kostakis, G.E
Powell, A.K
Kortz, Ulrich
Affiliations: Department of Chemistry 
Issue Date: 2015
Part of: Journal of inorganic chemistry
Volume: 54
Issue: 13
Start page: 6136
End page: 6146
The tetrameric, multi-Fe(III)-containing polyoxotungstates [Fe14O6(OH)13(P2W15O56)4](31-) (1) and [Na2Fe14(OH)12(PO4)4(A-α-XW9O34)4](20-) (X = Si(IV) (2), Ge(IV) (3)) have been successfully synthesized under conventional reaction conditions in aqueous, slightly acidic (1), or basic (2 and 3) media. Polyanions 1-3 were characterized in the solid state by single-crystal X-ray diffraction, IR spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, and magnetic studies, and in solution by electrochemistry.
Type: Journal Article
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