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Title: Synthesis and Solid-State Structure of Cyclobutyltellurium(IV)-Containing Dimeric Tungstoarsenates(III)
Authors: Kandasamy, Balamurugan
Bassil, Bassem 
Beckmann, Jens
Chend, Banghao
Dalal, Naresh S.
Kortz, Ulrich
Affiliations: Department of Chemistry 
Keywords: Polyoxometalates
Solid state NMR
Issue Date: 2017
Part of: Journal of cluster science
Volume: 28
Issue: 2
Start page: 825
End page: 837
The cage-like cyclobutyltellurium(IV)-containing tungstoarsenate(III) dimers [(C4H8Te-OH)2(C4H8Te)6{As2W17O61(H2O)}2]14− (1) and [{(C4H8Te)2W2O5(H2O)2As2W19O67(H2O)}2]16− (2) were synthesized in moderately acidic aqueous medium by reaction of C4H8TeI2 with the lacunary tungstoarsenates(III) [B-α-AsW9O33]9− and [As2W19O67(H2O)]14−, respectively. Polyanion 1 was isolated as a mixed cesium-guanidinium salt Cs8.5(C(NH2)3)5.5[(C4H8TeOH)2(C4H8Te)6{As2W17O61(H2O)}2]·60H2O (1a), whereas 2 crystallized as a mixed cesium-potassium salt Cs9K7[{(C4H8Te)2W2O5(H2O)2As2W19O67(H2O)}2]·90H2O (2a). Single crystal X-ray analysis demonstrated that 1a and 2a crystallized in the triclinic space group P1¯P1¯ , with a = 12.7738(8) Å, b = 18.7490(14) Å, c = 21.9831(14) Å, α = 111.155(4)o, β = 93.312(3)o, γ = 99.530(4) and Z = 1 for 1a and a = 19.309(6) Å, b = 24.674(8) Å, c = 26.071(8) Å, α = 63.218(17)°, β = 89.26(16)°, γ = 79.948(17)° and Z = 2 for 2a. The polyanion salts 1a and 2a were characterized by solid state NMR (1H, 13C, 125Te), FT-IR, TGA-DSC, and elemental analysis.
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Type: Journal Article
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