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Title: Prioritising coastal zone management issues through fuzzy cognitive mapping approach
Authors: Meliadou, Aleka
Santoro, Francesca
Nader, Manal 
Abou Dagher, Manale 
Indary, Shadi A. 
Abi Salloum, Bachir
Affiliations: Institute of Environment 
Institute of Environment 
Institute of Environment 
Keywords: Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Fuzzy cognitive mapping
Public participation
Subjects: Lebanon
Issue Date: 2012
Part of: Journal of environmental management
Volume: 97
Start page: 56
End page: 68
Effective public participation is an essential component of Integrated Coastal Zone Management implementation. To promote such participation, a shared understanding of stakeholders objectives has to be built to ultimately result in common coastal management strategies. The application of quantitative and semi-quantitative methods involving tools such as Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping is presently proposed for reaching such understanding. In this paper we apply the Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping tool to elucidate the objectives and priorities of North Lebanons coastal productive sectors, and to formalize their coastal zone perceptions and knowledge. Then, we investigate the potential of Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping as tool for support coastal zone management. Five round table discussions were organized; one for the municipalities of the area and one for each of the main coastal productive sectors (tourism, industry, fisheries, agriculture), where the participants drew cognitive maps depicting their views. The analysis of the cognitive maps showed a large number of factors perceived as affecting the current situation of the North Lebanon coastal zone that were classified into five major categories: governance, infrastructure, environment, intersectoral interactions and sectoral initiatives. Furthermore, common problems, expectations and management objectives for all sectors were exposed. Within this context, Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping proved to be an essential tool for revealing stakeholder knowledge and perception and understanding complex relationships.
DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2011.11.006
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Type: Journal Article
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