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Title: The mixed-valent 10-manganese(III/IV)-containing 36-tungsto-4-arsenate(V), [MnIII6MnIV4O4(OH)12(H2O)12(A-β-AsW9O34)4]22−
Authors: Oweini, Rami Al
Bassil, Bassem 
Itani , Marwa
Emiroğlu, Dilara Börte
Kortz, Ulrich
Affiliations: Department of Chemistry 
Keywords: Polyoxometalates
Crystal structure
Mixed valency
Subjects: Crystallography
Issue Date: 2018
Part of: Journal of acta crystallographica section C: structural chemistry
Volume: 74
Issue: 1
Start page: 1390
End page: 1394
Inter­action of the mixed-valent 12-manganese coordination complex [MnIII 8Mn IV 4O 12(CH 3COO) 16(H 2O) 4] with the lacunary 9-tungstoarsenate(V) [A- α-AsW 9O 34] 9− resulted in the 10-­manganese(III/IV)-containing 36-tungsto-4-arsenate(V), [MnIII 6Mn IV 4O 4(OH) 12(H 2O) 12( A- β-AsW 9O 34) 4] 22− (1). Polyanion 1 was isolated as a hydrated mixed potassium–sodium salt, K14Na 8[Mn III 6Mn IV 4O 4(OH) 12(H 2O) 12( A- β-AsW 9O 34) 4]·104H 2O, which crystallizes in the ortho­rhom­bic space group Pbcn and was characterized by FT–IR spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray diffraction, as well as elemental and thermogravimetric analyses. The title polyanion contains a unique [MnIII 6Mn IV 4O 4(OH) 12(H 2O) 12] 14+ core stabilized within the 36-tungsto-4-arsenate(V) framework.
DOI: 10.1107/S2053229618014183
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Type: Journal Article
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