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Title: Las traducciones árabes modernas de la frase 'poseer la tierra' en el hebreo bíblico
Authors: Ayuch, Daniel Alberto 
Affiliations: Institute of Theology 
Keywords: Bible Translation
Arab Christian Studies
Arabic-Speaking Orthodox Christianity
The Torah in Arabic
Pentateuch in Arabic
Issue Date: 2009
Part of: Collectanea christiana orientaila
Volume: 6
Start page: 23
End page: 43
This article studies the translation of the Hebrew phrase yrsh 'rz into three modern Arabic Bibles: the Protestant SVD, the Roman Catholic ABJ and the ecumenical GNA. The analysis of the behavior of the translations is based on a synchronic linguistic study of the Old Testament in which an attempt is made to define the semantic field of this expression and in a permanent comparison with the specialized biblical dictionaries and the classical and modern Arabic dictionaries. The sense of owning the root yrsh is a very discussed topic and its translation into Arabic by the root mlk is not only incorrect but also harmful for a theology that wants to contextualize with the sociopolitical problematic of the area and wants to offer bridges of understanding between the three religions that live in the Middle East.
DOI: 10.21071/cco.v6i.112
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Type: Journal Article
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