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Title: The synoptic gospels and family: fundaments to restore Its deteriorated values
Authors: Ayuch, Daniel Alberto 
Affiliations: Institute of Theology 
Keywords: New Testament
Orthodox Theology
Synoptic Gospels
Marriage and Divorce
Orthodox Christianity
Subjects: Family
Issue Date: 2015
Part of: N. Dumitrascu (Ed.), Christian family and contemporary society. Bloomsbury Academic.
Start page: 3
End page: 16
Gospel narratives have an effective way of teaching Christian behavior. They ‎teach wisdom of life based on the perspective of the Kingdom by giving clear ‎examples and concrete sayings.‎ However, scholars generally underlie modern theological discourse about ‎family on epistolary paraenesis and some paragraphs from the Old Testament. The ‎present article works on two texts that are rarely quoted in studies and documents ‎about family in the New Testament. These texts come from the Gospels of Matthew ‎and Luke. The chosen Matthean paragraph teaches about marriage, celibacy and ‎children (Matt 19:1-15), while the Lucan one forms a diptych of miracles that restore a ‎gentile and a Jewish family (Luke 7:1-17).‎ The present study highlights the transforming power of Jesus words, when he ‎faces daily life and reveals the fulfillment of Gods promises for salvation of all flesh. ‎Family is one of those human institutions that Jesus revisits and restructures based on ‎the fundaments of love.‎.
Type: Book Chapter
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