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Title: The book of joshua and the gospels. intertextuality of narrative and macronarrative patterns
Authors: Ayuch, Daniel Alberto 
Affiliations: Institute of Theology 
Keywords: New Testament
Hermeneutics and Narrative
Early Judaism
Book of Joshua
Biblical Theology
Synoptic Gospels
Issue Date: 2012
Part of: حوليات معهد القديس يوحنا الدمشقي اللاهوتي
Issue: 9
Start page: 123
End page: 137
Some modern approaches conceive the Old Testament history as constitutional narratives for a nation whose official religion is the worship of YHWH. This way of understanding the historical books limits the horizons of their prophetic content and reduces them to mere royal archives that record the official history of a monarchy that today does not even exist. It is unthinkable that the God of the Old Testament give the people who just flew out of Egypt the privilege to have power over other nations and dominate the territories of other nations. In this case the Israel of the wilderness would be preparing to be a new Pharaoh and an oppressor of nations.
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Type: Journal Article
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