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Title: Abdallah al-Nadim's political program
Authors: Rihan, Mohammad 
Affiliations: Cultural Studies Program 
Issue Date: 2018
Part of: حوليات / جامعة البلمند
Issue: 18
Start page: 33
End page: 59
After defining the constituents of Egypts national identity: common descent, Arabic language, and Islam, 'Abdallah Al-Nadim, in the first part of this article, acknowledged the fact that Egypt was a backward society which needed to move forward by modeling itself on some other dynamic society1. His choice fell first on Europe and secondly on Egypt itself in past times. Al-Nadim believed, without any doubt, that Europe was the enemy; paradoxically it was the teacher as well. This relationship described by some as a "Janus-headed love/hate relationship" was a key element in his political thought; it was systematically manifested in all his works. In every solution he suggested he was proposing to adopt European methods but at the same time suggesting how to fight European domination.
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Type: Journal Article
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