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Title: The prayer of Manasses: orthodox tradition and modern studies in dialogue
Authors: Ayuch, Daniel Alberto 
Affiliations: Institute of Theology 
Keywords: Orthodox Theology
Old Testament
History of the Bible
Biblical Canon
Byzantine Liturgy
Issue Date: 2012
Part of: V. S. Hovhanessian (Ed.), The Canon of the Bible and the Apocrypha in the churches of the east. P. Lang.
Start page: 7
End page: 20
This article offers a new approach to the process of interpreting The Prayer of Manasses ‎based on modern exegetical theories, especially the canonical reading of the Old Testament ‎and the linguistic synchronic methods. Due to its remarkable place in the Lent liturgy, the ‎Prayer of Manasses has an important place in the Orthodox spirituality and several writings ‎from Early Christianity have referred to it as a source and pattern for the repentance ‎discourse. Moreover, its place in the Septuaginta and its relation with the Chronicler ‎narrative gives a particular approach to the Orthodox interpretation of the Old Testament.‎.
Type: Book Chapter
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