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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
112-Jan-2023Rejuvenating the Activity of Usual Antibiotics on Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria: Recent Issues and PerspectivesTabcheh, Jinane; Vergalli, Julia; Davin-Régli, Anne; Ghanem, Noha; Pages, Jean-Marie; Al-Bayssari, Charbel ; Brunel, Jean Michel
222-May-2023An Overview of 10 Years of Activity of a Molecular Laboratory for Buruli Ulcer Diagnosis at a Field Hospital in BeninFajloun, Faraj; Ganlonon, Line; Gnimavo, Ronald Sètondji; Sodjinou, Espoir; Habib, Akimath; Claco, Eric; Agoundoté, Irvine; Adeye, Ambroise; Catraye, Perrin; Al-Bayssari, Charbel ; Moussa, Elie Hajj; Robbe-Saule, Marie; Houezo, Jean Gabin; Kpoton, Godwin Gérard; Ayélo, Adjimon Gilbert; Gomez, Beatriz; Johnson, Roch Christian; Marsollier, Laurent; Marion, Estelle; Kempf, Marie
32019Investigation of multidrug-resistant ST2 Acinetobacter baumannii isolated from Saint George hospital in LebanonNawfal Dagher, Tania; Al-Bayssari, Charbel ; Chabou, Selma; Antar, Nadine; Diene, Seydina M; Azar, Eid; Rolain, Jean-Marc
42020Intestinal carriage of colistin-resistant Enterobacteriaceae at Saint Georges Hospital in LebanonNawfal Dagher, Tania; Al-Bayssari, Charbel ; Chabou, Selma; Baron, Sophie; Hadjadj, Linda; Diene, Seydina M; Azar, Eid; Rolain, Jean-Marc
5May-2023Importance of consultations using mobile teams in the screening and treatment of neglected tropical skin diseases in BeninGnimavo, Ronald Sètondji; Fajloun, Faraj; Al-Bayssari, Charbel ; Sodjinou, Espoir; Habib, Akimath; Ganlonon, Line; Claco, Eric; Agoundoté, Irvine; Houngbo, Odile Adjouavi; Anagonou, Esaï Gimatal; Biaou, Chabi Alphonse Olaniran; Ayélo, Adjimon Gilbert; Houezo, Jean Gabin; Boccarossa, Alexandra; Moussa, Elie Hajj; Gomez, Béatriz; Gine, Anna; Sopoh, Ghislain Emmanuel; Marion, Estelle; Johnson, Roch Christian; Kempf, Marie
62019First Detection of Colistin-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae in Association with NDM-5 Carbapenemase Isolated from Clinical Lebanese PatientsNawfal Dagher, Tania; Azar, Eid; Al-Bayssari, Charbel ; Chamieh, Amanda S; Rolain, Jean-Marc
72022clbP Gene, a Potential New Member of the β-Lactamase FamilyAzour, Adel; Al-Bayssari, Charbel ; Pinault, Lucile; Azza, Saïd; Rolain, Jean-Marc; Diene, Seydina M
82021Carbapenem and colistin-resistant bacteria in North Lebanon: Coexistence of mcr-1 and NDM-4 genes in Escherichia coliAl-Bayssari, Charbel ; Nawfal Dagher, Tania; El Hamoui, Samar; Fenianos, Fadi; Makdissy, Nehman; Rolain, Jean-Marc; Nasreddine, Nadine
92020Bacterial infection during wars, conflicts and post-natural disasters in Asia and the Middle East: a narrative reviewNawfal Dagher, Tania; Al-Bayssari, Charbel ; Diene, Seydina M; Azar, Eid; Rolain, Jean-Marc