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2009Early advancing age alters plasma glucose and glucoregulatory hormones in response to supramaximal exerciseZouhal, Hassane; Vincent, Sophie; Moussa, Elie ; Botcazou, Maïtel; Delamarche, Paul; Delamarche, Arlette Gratas
2014The effect of aldosterone on glucose absorption in the jejunum of adult colectomized ratsDeeba, Elie
2015The effect of phenyl butyric acid on glucose uptake in 3T3-L1 adipocytesFakhoury, Hany
2014The effect of tumor necrosis factor-alpha on the expression of glucose transporters SGLT1 and GLUT2 in differentiated CACO-2 cellsAyoubi, Al Amira Lama Al
2004Plasma glucose, insulin and catecholamine responses to a wingate test in physically active women and menVincent, Sophie; Berthon, Phanélie; Zouhal, Hassane; Moussa, Elie ; Catheline, Michel; Ferrer, Danièle Bentué; Delamarche, Arlette Gratas