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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Comparative Textology: Intentional Substitution Strategies in TranslationAl-Khanji, Rajai; Saraireh, Mohammad
2018Constraints and cultural differences in the translation of the legal text from english into arabicNasr, Maria 
2013The UOB-Telecom paristech arabic handwriting recognition and translation systems for the openHart 2013 competitionMorillot , Olivier; Oprean, Cristina; Likforman-Sulem, Laurence; Mokbel, Chafic ; Chammas, Edgar; Grosick, Emmanuèle
1997عفيف دمشقية وترجمة أمين معلوف: ليون الأفريقي نموذجًابيضون، نهلة