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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Application of ruthenium nanoparticles with determined structure in the catalytic oxidation of carbon black and propyleneMahfouz, Rita
2016Biodiesel production by transesterification reaction of sunflower vegetable oil over CaO/ZSM5 catalystsBaghdadi, Jana; Kheir, Nadine El
2015Biodiesel production from refined sunflower vegetable oil over zeolite supported catalystsSaba, Tony
2016Biodiesel synthesis from olive oil using potassium hydroxide catalystKhoury, Dany; Abul Khalik, Inass
2016Calcination control for enhanced kinetics of methane dry reforming on mesoporous Ni/SBA-15 based catalystsKaram, Leila
2009Catalytic oxidation of carbon black and propene over Ru/CexZr1-xO2 catalystsHomsi, Doris
2011Catalytic oxidation of carbon black and propylene over Ru/CoxMgyAl2 and Cu/CoxMgyAl2 catalystsAoun, Amal 
2015Correlating between physico-chemical properties and catalytic performance of tuned CeO2 in the catalytic oxidation of carbon black and propyleneDouaihy, Lara Zakhia
2016Dry reforming of methane on mesoporous ceria based catalysts prepared by hard template methodAnnous, Hiba; Estephane, Elie
2015Dry reforming of methane on nickel dispersed on mesoporous silica : effect of synthesis conditionsYoussef, Joudie
2014Dry reforming of methane on promoted (LA, MG, and RH) NI based catalyst supported on commercial silicakhansa, Ali; Challita, Elie
2015Dry reforming of methane over NiMgA1La Hydrotalcite catalysts : the role of Lanthanum DopingDahdah, Eliane
2016Dry reforming of methane over NixMg6−xAl1.8La0.2 catalystsDahdah, Eliane; Abou Rached, Jihane; Estephane, Jane ; Aouad, Samer ; Gennequin, Cédric; Aboukaïs, Antoine; Abi Aad, Edmond
28-Nov-2022Effect of Impregnation with Ammonia vs Silica Support Textural Properties on Ni Nanoparticle Catalysts for Dry Reforming of MethaneDaoura, Oscar; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Boutros, Maya; Casale, Sandra; Massiani, Pascale; Launay, Franck
2017Effect of pretreatment conditions on catalytic performances of mesoporous Ni5/SBA-15 catalyst in methane dry reformingHarika, Charbel; Hajj Houssein, Bilal
2021Elaboration and characterization of nickel and/or ruthenium based catalysts for CO2 valorization through the methanation or the dry reforming of methane reactionsMahfouz, Rita
2019Enhanced catalytic activity for biodiesel production over KIT-6 based catalystsDebs, Lama
2014Nickel on zeolites for dry reforming of methaneAyoub, Marc; Safieh, Khaled
2015Nickel, cobalt, and bimetallic Ni-Co on ZSM-5 zeolite for dry reforming of methaneZaghloul, Jad; Saba, Joseph
2013Physico-Chemical characterization of RU/COXMGYAL2 and CU/COXMGYAL2 solids and their use as catalysts for the steam reforming of ethanolAl Khawaja, Ruba