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Title: Biodiesel synthesis from olive oil using potassium hydroxide catalyst
Authors: Khoury, Dany
Abul Khalik, Inass
Advisors: Zakhem, Henri El 
Subjects: Biodiesel fuels
Issue Date: 2016
Biodiesel is a promising alternative energy source that has gained importance due to the limited availability of other petroleum fuels, increasing greenhouse gas leading to a global warming, and the high energy demand. Through transesterification of olive oil, the option of using liquid fuels is considered one of the most suitable options for biodiesel production. This research investigates various reaction parameters aimed at the optimization of biodiesel production. Among these factors are reaction time, temperature, alcohol to oil ratio, catalyst loading, and ethanol-methanol blend. The olive oil is converted into olive oil ester in the presence of a homogenous catalyst (KOH) instead of NaOH to avoid side reactions mainly saponification instead of ester formation. So, the maximum conversion of ester (FAME% yield) obtained was 89% at the following optimum conditions temperature of 60oC, time of 3 hours, catalyst of 0.1 grams, methanol to ethanol ratio of 9 to1,and a blend of ethanolmethanol of 60%-40%. The tests of some physical properties of the ester produced such as viscosity, flash point, and density were performed and the analysis of results showed that high value of flash point (79oC) and viscosity (5.8 cSt) outside the European range were further treatment to decrease free fatty acids is needed; and a density of 877.07Kg/m3 was good enough and within the European Standard range.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 49-53).

Supervised by Dr. Henri El-Zakhem.
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