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1-Feb-2022Another indication for a transanal pull-through: surgical management of rectal atresia—a case reportAkkary, Rezkalla; Diab, Nabil; Zeidan, Smart
2019Lactobezoar causing neonatal gastric perforationZeidan, Smart; Akkary, Rezkalla; Jawad, Nadine; Al Hamod, Dany; Haidar, Zaher; Diab, Nabil
2020Pediatric appendectomy in developing countries: How does it differ from international experience?Akkary, Rezkalla; Zeidan, Smart; Matta, Reva; Lakis, Chantal; Diab, Nabil
2020Retroperitoneoscopic bilateral nephrectomy and extraperitoneal ureterocystoplasty in a child on peritoneal dialysisAlam, Marianne; Abou Jaoudeh, Pauline; Zeidan, Smart; Diab, Nabil
2020Ultrasound guided central line insertion in neonates: Pain score results from a prospective studySabouneh, Rami; Akiki, Pierre; Al Bizri, Ayah; El Helou, Sally; Zeidan, Smart; Al Hamod, Dany
2016Ultrasound-guided Central Line Insertion and Standard Peripherally Inserted Catheter Placement in Preterm Infants: Comparing Results from Prospective Study in a Single-centerAl Hamod, Dany Antanios; Zeidan, Smart; Al Bizri, Ayah; Baaklini, Georges; Nassif, Yolla