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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Anfeh costal landscape: preservation, management and landscape planning strategiesTrovato, Maria Gabriella; Haroun, Nadine Panayot
2015Anfeh unveiled: historical background, ongoing research and future prospectsHaroun, Nadine Panayot
2017Applied methodology for the terrestrial survey of the Coastal Town of Anfeh, LebanonHaroun, Nadine Panayot
2014Archaeology and ecotourism, a case study: Anfeh, LebanonHaroun, Nadine Panayot
2013An assessment of the lebanese heritage law: from the twentieth to the twenty-first centuryHaroun, Nadine Panayot; Abdul Massih, Jeanine
2017Enemy ships at ampi: a cry from ByblosHaroun, Nadine Panayot; Semaan, Lucy
2016Excavation results of the chapel of Saydet El Rih "our lady of the Wind",AnfehHaroun, Nadine Panayot
2019La légitimité des musées universels dans le débat sur la propriété culturelleMouawad, Vanessa
2012Le monastère patriarcal de BalamandHaroun, Nadine Panayot
2016Les résultats préliminaires des fouilles à Enfeh, 2011-2015Haroun, Nadine Panayot
2010Les travaux de fouilles et d'observations menés sur la Basilique de Cyrrhus 2008 - 2010Haroun, Nadine Panayot
2020Liminal art and curatorial practices : transcribing A.MUSE.UM as a prototype platform in LebanonDagher, Rhéa
2013Matériel de la vie rurale: lexique trilingue de la collection d'objets ethnographiques de l'Université de Balamand
2019Mission archeologique d'Enfeh. Volume I: les prospections terrestres et maritimes et les études ethnographiquesHaroun, Nadine Panayot
2019The movable cultural heritage of the "Our lady of balamand patriarchal monastery"Haroun, Nadine Panayot
2013Museums: a way to intercultural communication and social harmonyHaroun, Nadine Panayot
2019Preservation, management and protection of Tangible Underwater Cultural Heritage of Anfeh (North Lebanon)Haroun, Nadine Panayot
2017Preserving the landscape of anfeh, a maritime heritage site in north LebanonHaroun, Nadine Panayot; Semaan, Lucy
2019A project-based learning approach for grade 5 in collaboration with museumsKahhaleh, Mariane
2018The saint Marina rock shelter in Qalamun: archaeological investigationsHaroun, Nadine Panayot; Mady, Sarah