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2010The apoptotic and anti-proliferative activity of Origanum majorana extracts on human leukemic cell lineAbdel-Massih, Roula; Fares, Rida; Bazzi, Samer ; El-Chami, Nisrine; Baydoun, Elias A-H.
2012Pleurotus ostreatus and ruscus aculeatus extracts cause non-apoptotic jurkat cell deathBassil, Naji Milad; Abdel-Massih, Roula; El-Chami, Nisrine; Smith, Colin; Baydoun, Elias A-H.
2009The pro-apoptotic effect of different plant extracts on lymphoblastic leukemic cell linesBaydoun, Elias A-H.; Fares, R.; El-Chami, Nisrine; Abdel-Massih, Roula