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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Optimization of a typical BIW component using tailor welding technique via FEASaba, Nicolas ; Rishmany, Jihad ; Daaboul, Michel ; Tawk, Issam 
2017Optimization of a vertical axis wind turbine using FEA, multibody dynamics and wind tunnel testingRishmany, Jihad ; Daaboul, Michel ; Tawk, Issam ; Saba, Nicolas 
2017Optimization of the production process of an A-pillar using a differential thickness profile approach via FEASaba, Nicolas ; Rishmany, Jihad ; Tawk, Issam ; Daaboul, Michel 
2017Properties of fuel spray obtained by electrohydrodynamic atomizationDaaboul, Michel ; Saba, Nicolas ; Rishmany, Jihad ; Louste, Christophe
2015Striking arm inspired by scorpion's tailBaaklini, Wael; Mawad, Youssef
2015Study and simulation to improve manufacturing processes of A-pillars in automobile industryFrangieh, Bassel; Toulany, Sayed; Ahmad, Talal; Khazaka, Gaby
2014Study and simulation to improve manufacturing processes of safety component in automobile industryAyoub, Amine; Khoury, Sandy; Nassif, Fouad
2019Study of a downhill mountain bikeJabre, Tarek
2015Tailoring the properties profile of automotive components using numerical simulationChedraoui, Ghassan; Rihana, Najib; Rizk, Ziad