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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Natural convection heat transfer between an eccentric circular cylinder inside a tilted square enclosureSamrout, Ragheb
1-Jan-2023Numerical Estimation of the Electric Force Induced by a Cylinder-to-Cylinder EHD DeviceMatar, Ihssan; Louste, Christophe; Daaboul, Michel 
2010Numerical simulation and PIV experimental analysis of electrohydrodynamic plumes induced by a blade electrodeTraore, Philippe; Daaboul, Michel ; Louste, Christophe
2024Numerical simulation of natural convection heat transfer across a roof with varying pitch angleHage, Rassil El
2017Optimization of a typical BIW component using tailor welding technique via FEASaba, Nicolas ; Rishmany, Jihad ; Daaboul, Michel ; Tawk, Issam 
2017Optimization of a vertical axis wind turbine using FEA, multibody dynamics and wind tunnel testingRishmany, Jihad ; Daaboul, Michel ; Tawk, Issam ; Saba, Nicolas 
2017Optimization of the production process of an A-pillar using a differential thickness profile approach via FEASaba, Nicolas ; Rishmany, Jihad ; Tawk, Issam ; Daaboul, Michel 
2015Properties of EHD Pumps with a Washer-Type GeometryModh, Sachin; Daaboul, Michel ; Traore, Philippe; Louste, Christophe
2017Properties of fuel spray obtained by electrohydrodynamic atomizationDaaboul, Michel ; Saba, Nicolas ; Rishmany, Jihad ; Louste, Christophe
2020Scaling of a wind turbine into a full-scale prototype with a self-regulating shield mechanismYoussef, Wissam
2010Simulation du comportement en tension d'un actionneur electrohydrodynamique de type lame-planTraore, Philippe; Daaboul, Michel ; Louste, Christophe
2012Solar power air conditioningKayim, Maroun; Lawandos, Rodolph
2015Solar still : design and fabricationKehdy, Tony El; Najjar, Samer
2012Structure dun jet impactant EHD en configuration lame planLouste, Christophe; Daaboul, Michel ; Traore, Philippe; Romat, Hubert
2019Study of the dielectric behavior of HFE-7000 in function of electric field and temperature variationsNassar, Michelle; Chauris, Nicolas; Traore, Philippe; Yagoobi, Jamal Seyed; Michel, Anny; Daaboul, Michel ; Louste, Christophe
2017Study of the transition from conduction to injection in an electrohydrodynamic flow in blade-plane geometryDaaboul, Michel ; Traore, Philippe; Vazquez, Pedro; Louste, Christophe
2015Study on impinging jet heat transfer applied on the design of automotive deicing systemBou Chebel, Charbel; Nehme, Nader
1-Jan-2023Testing Different Tracer Types in Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements in ElectrohydrodynamicsDaaboul, Michel ; Matar, Ihssan; Nassar, Michelle; Louste, Christophe
2010Validité de la Méthode PIV pour la Caractérisation des Ecoulements ElectrohydrodynamiquesLouste, Christophe; Daaboul, Michel ; Traore, Philippe; Romat, Hubert