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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Marine Litter Baseline in LebanonNaber, Helena; Mansour, Lamia; Whiteman, Andrew; Zaatar, Maya; Marquis, David; Maasri, Raji; Khazen, Sabine El; Nader, Manal ; Indary, Shadi A. 
2015North Lebanon - bio-physical, social, economic and political features of the study area.Nader, Manal ; Indary, Shadi A. ; Abou Dagher, Manale 
2012Prioritising coastal zone management issues through fuzzy cognitive mapping approachMeliadou, Aleka; Santoro, Francesca; Nader, Manal ; Abou Dagher, Manale ; Indary, Shadi A. ; Abi Salloum, Bachir
2017Purse seine fisheries: baseline reportNader, Manal ; Indary, Shadi A. ; Abou Dagher, Manale