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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Linguistic and narrative strategies for constructing solidarity in LeninianaFleonova, Olga 
2008The place of speaking skills in English language classes in a public technical institution in North LebanonMerhi, Fida
2021Russian mass concerts and the political imaginary of RussiaTassone, Giuseppe ; Fleonova, Olga 
2018Semantic changes in the word "homeland" and its synonyms in Soviet and post-Soviet official discourse and mass cultureFleonova, Olga 
2022Semantic processes in the discourse of televised state concert-meetingsFleonova, Olga 
2013Students' and tutors' perceptions of English language center tutoring services in a private Lebanese universityKhalife, Raghida
2012Teachers' and students' perceptions of vocabulary acquisition in ENGL 101 in a Lebanese private university : a case studyFrangieh, Christelle
2013To what extent are students' learning styles taken into consideration in an English language course? : a case studyNehme, Nancy Fouad
2020Understanding students' resistance to autonomous learning in an L2 english languageKhairallah, Megan R. ; Fleonova, Olga ; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day 
-University teachers’ perceptions of using multimodal writing assignments in EFL classesFleonova, Olga ; Adra, Omar M. 
2011Using teamwork to change students' attitude towards English classes at a university levelOsman, Roudayna Mohammad
2020“WE” in the discourse of the 2019 lebanese October revolution.Fleonova, Olga ; Annous, Samer