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2019Comparative analysis between different optimization-based frameworks for optimal sensor placement purposesDahr, Rena
5-Sep-2022Comparative Analysis between Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing-Based Frameworks for Optimal Sensor Placement and Structural Health Monitoring PurposesNasr, Dana ; Dahr, Reina El; Assaad, Joseph ; Khatib, Jamal
2010Gravity and seismic analysis and design of an irregular office buildingNasr, Dana ; Lattouf, Layal
2021Optimal sensor placement of a high-rise building using the combined genetic algorithm-ensemble Kalman filter frameworkNemer, Georges Al
2020Parametric study on polymer-modified pigmented cementitious overlays for colored applicationsAssaad, Joseph ; Nasr, Dana ; Chwaifaty, Stephanie; Tawk, Tarek
2018Seismic analysis and design of a high rise buildingHarb, Elie; Azizeh, Joe
2018Uncertainty quantification for structural health monitoring applicationsNasr, Dana ; Slika, Wael G.; Saad, George A.
2018Uncertainty quantification of complex nonlinear systems using structural health monitoring techniquesNasr, Dana ; Saad, George A.
15-Oct-2024Use of machine learning models to predict the water penetration depth in concreteEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; El-Zahab, Samer; Nasr, Dana ; Semaan, Nabil ; Assaad, Joseph ; El-Hassan, Hilal
2021Use of Soft Computing Techniques to Predict the Bond to Reinforcing Bars of Underwater ConcreteAssaad, Joseph ; Nasr, Dana ; Gerges, Najib N. ; Issa, Camille