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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Heat curving HPS 485W bridge I-girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2014Impact of link-slabs on the design of precast pre-stressed bridge girdersSaroufim, Edwina; Haddad, Jamil
2014Impact of using higher strength concrete on the design of prestressed concrete bridgesGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2009Implication of increased live load on the design of prestressed concrete bridges, innovations in bridge engineering technologyGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2012Implication of increased live loads on the design of precast concrete bridge girdersGerges, Najib N. ; Gergess, Antoine 
2010The implication of increasing live loads on design of precast prestressed gridesZakharia, Jamy
2012Implications of using high strength concrete in link slabs of precast, prestressed girdersBoustani, Amado; Holeihel, Moussa
2017Inelastic response of an overhanging steel beamGergess, Antoine 
2001Inelastic response of simply supported i-girders subjected to weak axis bendingGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2014Inelastic response of wide flange steel beams curved by symmetrical weak axis bending using two-point loadsGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2010Non-linear analysis of steel plate girders subjected to weak axis bendingGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2014Non-linear analysis of wide-flange steel beams subjected to point bendingGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2017Numerical analysis of heat-curved I-girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2011Optimized non-linear solution for bending wide flange steel beams about their strong axisGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2010Post-yield response of cold-cambered wide flange steel beamsGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2007Refined analysis for cold bending steel plate girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2020Repair of severely damaged reinforced concrete beams with high-strength cementitious groutGergess, Antoine ; Shaikh Al Shabab, Mahfoud; Massouh, Razane
2018Repairing of damaged reinforced concrete beams using ultra-high-performance fiber reinforced concreteShaikh Al Shabab, Mahfoud; Massouh, Razane
2016Seismic provisions for elastomeric bearings in bridge structuresGergess, Antoine 
2003Simplified analysis of heat-curved steel girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan