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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Palmprint recognition systemAbdelmalak, Assem; Choucair, Dany
1999Properties of learning of a fuzzy ART variantGeorgiopoulos, M; Dagher, Issam ; Heileman, G.L; Bebis, G
2006Ridge directional singular points for fingerprint recognition and matchingDagher, Issam ; Badawi, Mustafa; Beyrouti, Bassam
2015Short term load forecasting using artificial neural networksKfoury, Iskandar
2021Signature recognition using majority votingAoude, Fadi
2014Stability control of a hovercraft using Takagi-Sugeno and switched fuzzy controlKerek, Adnan; Taiba, Said
2012Subband effect of the wavelet fuzzy C-means features in texture classificationDagher, Issam ; Issa, Saad
2015Tuning a PID controller using particle swarm optimization (PSO)Halby, Angie Al; Bouty, Elie El
2017Weighted voting component-based face recognitionBazzaz, Hussein Al