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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Fuzzy clustering using multiple Gaussian kernels with optimized-parametersDagher, Issam 
2015Fuzzy clustering with optimized-parameters multiple Gaussian KernelsDagher, Issam 
2016Fuzzy decision trees in predicting electricity pricesChouaifaty, Charbel; Frangieh, Salim
2005Fuzzy logic application in process controlSarkis, Salim
2003G-fuzzy ART : a geometrical fuzzy ART neural network architectureDagher, Issam 
2021Gabor face clustering using affinity propagation and structural similarity indexDagher, Issam ; Mikhael, Sandy; Al-Khalil, Oubaida
2012Gaussian mixture modeling for video background substractionHseiky, Rasha; Abdallah, Widad
2017Gender classificationAbi Fadel, Fady Azar
2007Geometrical-based category choice fuzzy art architectureDagher, Issam 
2018Graphical password by image segmentationMuhamad, Yahya; Ahmad, Omar Al
2014Ham vs Spam classification : different PCA scenariosAntoun, Rima
2017Ham-spam filtering using different PCA scenariosDagher, Issam ; Antoun, Rima
2010Highly - compacted DCT coefficientsDagher, Issam 
2007Human hand recognition using IPCA-ICA algorithmDagher, Issam ; Kobersy, William; Abi Nader, Wassim
2019Hybrid DCT-HAAR blockDagher, Issam ; Saliba, Mireille; Farah, Rachelle
2000Image compression and wireless communication using neural networksDagher, Issam ; Serhan, S.; Kordian, M.
2014Image denoising using fourth order wiener filter with wavelet quadtree decomposition.Dagher, Issam ; Taleb, Catherine
2021An image segmentation system : a novel super pixel based approach applied to image segmentationAbboud, Elie
2008Image super resolution using fuzzy and neural techniquesYakoumi, Elia; Olabi, Karim
2018Imaging machine for hidden tanksAbi Saad, Charbel