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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A Comparative Analysis : The Impact of Awareness Campaigns on Students Concerns at University LevelJadayel, Roula; Iaaly, Amal ; Tawk, Florence; Adra, Mariam
2017Comparative Analysis of the Elastic Behavior of a Lamina Containing Wavy FibersHonein, Tanios; Maalouf, Serge; Rai, George; Najjar, Michel
2007Composite damage and delamination modelling using a specific multi-layered element in transient analysisMouillet, J.-B; Tawk, Issam ; Ferrero, Jean-Francois; Barrau, Jean-Jacques
2010Composite delamination modelling using a multi-layered solid elementTawk, Issam ; Navarro, Pablo; Ferrero, Jean-Francois; Barrau, Jean-Jacques; Abdullah, E
2016A Computational Study Of Heat Transfer Due To The Inlet Oscillating Conditions In A 2-D Jet Impinging On An Isothermal Surface At A Fixed Reynolds NumberIssa, Johnny; Saliba, Najib G. ; Sidnawi, Bchara
2015A computational study of heat transfer in a laminar oscillating confined slot jet impinging on an isothermal surface at low Reynolds numbersIssa, Johnny; Sidnawi, Bchara; Saliba, Najib G. 
2019A correspondence between compressible and incompressible plane elastostaticsHonein, Tanios; Honein, Elie ; Najjar, Michel; Rai, Habib 
2009Deflection of multilayered composites containing wavy fibersRai, Habib ; Honein, Elie ; Najjar, Michel
2011Design of Experiment Analysis of Plain ZDDP Oil in the Presence of FeF3 Using Two Different Rotational Speeds and Extreme Contact LoadNehme, Gabi 
2013Deviation and Atomization of a Dielectric Liquid Sheet under Electrohydrodynamic ExcitationDaaboul, Michel ; Louste, Christophe; Traore, Philippe
2007Développement d'un élément fini pour la modélisation du délaminage dans les structures compositesTawk, Issam ; Ferrero, Jean-Francois; Barrau, Jean-Jacques; Mouillet, J.-B
2016The 'Ecological Approach' to GIS Implementation in Low-Income Countries' and the Role of Universities : Union of Municipalities of Joumeh Case StudyIaaly, Amal ; Jadayel, Oussama Chafiq; Jadayel, Roula
2000The effect of a crack in a coated fiber reinforced compositeHonein, Elie ; Rai, Habib ; Honein, Tanios; Chaouk, Hamdi
2002The effect of a crack on functionally graded fiber reinforced compositesHonein, Elie ; Rai, Habib ; Honein, Tanios; Najjar, Michel
2010Effect of contact load and lubricant volume on the properties of tribofilms formed under boundary lubrication in a fully formulated oil under extreme load conditionsNehme, Gabi ; Mourhatch, Ramoun; Aswath, Pranesh B.
2007Effect of contact load on boundary lubricationNehme, Gabi ; Aswath, Pranesh B.
2013The Effect of Cyclic Speed on the Wear Properties of Molybdenum Disulfide Greases under Extreme Pressure Loading Using 4 Balls Wear TestsNehme, Gabi 
2011Effect of extreme contact load under two different rotational speeds on reduced phosphorus plain ZDDP oil in the presence of 1per cent FeF3 catalystNehme, Gabi 
2012Effect of Extreme Load on Plain ZDDP Oil in the Presence of FeF3 Catalyst Using Design of Experiment and Fundamental Study under Two Different Rotational SpeedsNehme, Gabi 
2012The effect of FeF3/TiF3 catalysts on the thermal and tribological performance of plain oil ZDDP under extreme pressure loadingNehme, Gabi