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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018English language textbooks and culture: the local, the target and the interculturalSalem, Laure R. 
2021Exploring university students’ perceptions of the benefits and challenges of incorporating multimodal elements in l2 academic writingAdra, Omar M. 
2014Getting Real: Work, Coolness and Nobokov’s DespairWilliams, Peter
2016Head and dependent marking in the south lebanese arabic noun phraseBekai, Wassim 
2019The impact of chat language on students' academic writingBekai, Wassim 
2012Incorporating intercultural competence in english language teaching in a lebanese university intensive english program context: an action research projectSalem, Laure R. 
2013Incorporating intercultural competence in university intensive english classes in LebanonSalem, Laure R. 
2017Information and communications technology use as a catalyst for professional developmentMelki, Antoine ; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day ; Khairallah, Megan R. ; Adra, Omar M. 
2015Language policy in a changing world: a critical review of english medium instructionAnnous, Samer 
2012Le 'nativespeakerism' et l'identité des enseignants non natifs de l'anglais au LibanAnnous, Samer 
2019Lebanese arabic clitics: a typological studyBekai, Wassim 
2011Linguistic and narrative strategies for constructing solidarity in LeninianaFleonova, Olga 
2018Motivation in teaching speaking in ESP: a comparison between two private lebanese universitiesBekai, Wassim 
2018Perceptions of the Effects of Simulation Methodology on the Learning of English in a Remedial Level CourseRachwan, Lissa Marcel; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day 
2008The phoenician Myth: the language-in-education policy in LebanonAnnous, Samer 
2016The plagiarism files, putting plagiarists on trialNicolas, Maureen O'Day 
2014Principals' views on teachers' professional developmentNabhani, Mona; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day ; Bahous, Rima
2021The Realities of English Medium Instruction in Lebanon: Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions of the Place of English Communication Skills in a Cultural Studies ProgramNicolas, Maureen O'Day ; Annous, Samer 
2017The role of motivation in teaching speaking in ESP: a case study of a lebanese private universityBekai, Wassim 
2018The role of motivation in teaching speaking in ESP: a case study of a lebanese private universityBekai, Wassim ; Harkouss, Samar