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2021Attachment, mentalization, and substance-related problems in a sample of patients with substance use disordersAwad, Sarah
2011Brother : Oedipal choice of Lebanese girls aged between 18 and 28Hagopian, Sareen E. 
2018A correlational study : the relationship between the cognitive triad and the level of self-actualization among the Lebanese studentsChaar, Sandy El-
2019The delusional formation viewed through a freudian lens as a switch in the relationship to the schizophrenogenic mother : a look at two cases of psychosis with mental retardationBalaa, Caline
2022Learned helplessness in a sample from Lebanon : a relational analysis with the big five personality traitsKoussa, Nada
2019Maternal rejection and the child with learning disabilityShammas, Leila
2018On autonomy and addictionHagopian, Sareen E. 
2018On the comorbidity of substance use and anxiety : research and prevention recommendations for substance useDaccache, Perla Al
2021Prevalence and associated factors of burnout and anxiety among female migrant domestic helpers in LebanonAhmad, Sam
2021PTSD, depression, and anxiety in victims and rescue workers of the Beirut explosion disasterSawan, Yara
2021The relationship between depression, substance use, perceived stigma and internalized homophobia in sexual minorities living in Lebanon : a cross-sectional studyDabbak, Pia Maria El
2019The relationship of sleep duration with academic performance and depression in a sample of Lebanese University students : a correlational studyDahdal, Rita
2016The struggle of an addict on the way to autonomyHagopian, Sareen E. 
2016The struggle of an addict on the way to autonomyHagopian, Sareen E. 
2019What is the meaning inherent in the recreational use of psychedelics among Lebanese citizens, particularly as experienced psychologically and spiritually? : a phenomenological studyKiwan, Beatrice
2022What is the relationship between playing team sports and levels of depression and perceived stress in youth aged 15-24 compared with those who play individual sports?Blell, Nicole
2016When an addict craves to meet with lifeHagopian, Sareen E.