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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Behavior and design of lean duplex stainless steel plate girders loaded in shearSaliba, Najib G. ; Gardner, Leroy
2016A Computational Study Of Heat Transfer Due To The Inlet Oscillating Conditions In A 2-D Jet Impinging On An Isothermal Surface At A Fixed Reynolds NumberIssa, Johnny; Saliba, Najib G. ; Sidnawi, Bchara
2015A computational study of heat transfer in a laminar oscillating confined slot jet impinging on an isothermal surface at low Reynolds numbersIssa, Johnny; Sidnawi, Bchara; Saliba, Najib G. 
2014Continuous strength method for the design of shear to stainless steel plate girderFares, Nawal
2013Cross-section stability of lean duplex stainless steel welded I-sectionsSaliba, Najib G. ; Gardner, Leroy
2018Deformation-based design of stainless steel cross-sections in shearSaliba, Najib G. ; Gardner, Leroy
2016Effect of cold bending on the structural behavior of steel bridge girdersWolley, Najah
2016Experimental investigation of hot rolled steel beams subjected to weak axis four point bendingChami, Toufic El
2011Experimental Study of Lean Duplex Stainless SteelGardner, Leroy; Saliba, Najib G. 
2013Experimental study of the shear response of lean duplex stainless steel plate girdersSaliba, Najib G. ; Gardner, Leroy
2015Extension of the continuous strength method to the determination of shear resistanceSaliba, Najib G. ; Gardner, Leroy
2020Finite element analysis of lean duplex stainless steel perforated girdersChehade, Kynda
2018Finite element modeling of rolled steel shapes subjected to weak axis bendingSaliba, Najib G. ; Tawk, Issam ; Gergess, Antoine 
2016A Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer in a Rotating EnclosureIssa, Johnny; Saliba, Najib G. ; Dib, Ghady
2016A Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Inlet Velocity Oscillation on Heat Transfer in a Two-Dimensional Laminar Jet Impinging on an Isothermal SurfaceIssa, Johnny; Saliba, Najib G. ; Sidnawi, Bchara
2020Numerical investigation of the effects of cold bending on stainless steel beamsChoueifaty, Joe
2017Numerical Modelling of Lean Duplex Stainless Steel and Assessment of Existing Design MethodsSaliba, Najib G. ; Issa, Johnny
2018A Numerical Study of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in a Channel with an Array of Pin Fins in Aligned and Staggered ConfigurationsIssa, Johnny; Saliba, Najib G. ; Cheikh, Amina El
2016Numerical study of the behavior of stainless steel plate girder loaded in shear with focus on continuous strength method CSMBechara, Jessica; Tarboush, Hiba
2014Shear design recommendations for stainless steel plate girdersSaliba, Najib G. ; Real, E; Gardner, Leroy