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Title: The Use of a Non Negative Matrix Factorization Method Combined to PM2.5 Chemical Data for a Source Apportionment Study in Different Environments
Authors: Kfoury, Adib 
Ledoux, Frédéric
Limem, Abdelhakim
Delmaire, Gilles
Roussel , Gilles
Courcot, Dominique
Affiliations: Department of Environmental Science 
Keywords: Source Contribution
Source apportionment
Positive Matrix Factorization
Source Profile
Issue Date: 2014
Part of: Springer Proceedings in Complexity
Start page: 79
End page: 84
Conference: International technical meeting on air pollution modelling and its application (August 2013 : Miami, Florida, USA) 
This study revolves around the use of a Non Negative Matrix Factorization method under constraints for the identification sources profiles as well as their respective contributions in three sites in northern France. Using PM2.5 chemical analysis data, the model identified eight background and four local industrial sources profiles. In addition, the contributions of these profiles showed that secondary aerosols and combustion sources are the major constituents of the analyzed PM2.5, whereas industrial contributions were found majorly responsible for the elemental enrichments.
Type: Conference Paper
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