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dc.contributor.authorJadayel, Roulaen_US
dc.contributor.authorIaaly, Amalen_US
dc.contributor.authorJadayel, Oussama Chafiqen_US
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents modern educational methodologies as complementary approaches in the learning process at university level. Community based programs are presented as an integral part in the development of individuals at early ages. The paper focuses on Service Learning and Project Based Learning as powerful concepts in promoting education. It shows how students throughout these processes learn to deploy their academic knowledge to meet community needs, develop practical skills and build leadership qualities. It examines also how they sense civic responsibilities, develop team work spirit, share and pass knowledge through experimental learning. It touches on the roles of scholars and students in the context of project based learning and service learning applications. The experience of the University of Balamand (UOB) in Lebanon is presented in this paper as a supportive example. An innovative education technique is presented under the umbrella of an interdisciplinary project which succeeded in passing technological advances to younger generation through partnership between the University, a number of schools and the community. The collaborative work of several units at UOB is detailed to show a successful learning experience with students from the Faculty of Engineering at UOB. Results are highlighted at two levels (1) community service level and (2) educational level. The "UOB recycles" project, which aims at gathering recyclable material from the University and its surroundings, and the "Community GIS" which aims at developing experimental practices among students at the Geographic Information System (GIS) Centre at the University, will be presented jointly as a case study. The projection of the University on its community is illustrated to provide a good model which could be adopted to promote spatial awareness, environmental respect, recycling behaviour and team work spirit through Service Learning and Project Based Learning. It is hoped that the success of thi.en_US
dc.subjectProject based learningen_US
dc.subjectCommunity Serviceen_US
dc.subject.lcshService learningen_US
dc.titleService Learning and Scholarship : Experimental Learning and Community Partnership for Common Gooden_US
dc.typeConference Paperen_US
dc.relation.conferenceInternational IGIP- SEFI Annual Conference 2010, "Diversity unifies - Diversity in Engineering Education" (19-22 September 2011 : Trnava, Slovakia)en_US
dc.contributor.affiliationDepartment of Mathematicsen_US
dc.contributor.affiliationDepartment of Mechanical Engineeringen_US
dc.relation.ispartoftextJoint International IGIP- SEFI Annual Conference 2010, "Diversity unifies - Diversity in Engineering Education"en_US
dc.provenance.recordsourceOliben_US of Engineering-
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