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Title: Optimization of polyphenols extraction from purple com cobs using ß-cyclodextrin as a green solvent
Authors: Rajha, Hiba N.
Khabbaz, Stephanie
Abi Rached, Rita
Debs, Esperance 
Maroun, Richard G.
Louka, Nicolas
Affiliations: Department of Biology 
Keywords: Solvents
Response surface methodology
Subjects: Mathematical models
Green products
Issue Date: 2020
Part of: 2020 5th International Conference on Renewable Energies for Developing Countries (REDEC)
Start page: 1
End page: 5
Conference: International Conference on Renewable Energies for Developing Countries (REDEC) (5th : 29-30 June 2020 : Marrakech, Morocco) 
The aim of this study is to optimize the conventional solid-liquid extraction of total phenolic compounds and anthocyanins from purple corn cobs using response surface methodology (RSM). The effects of time, temperature and ß-cyclodextrin concentration on polyphenol recovery were studied. Results of the central composite design showed that the optimal level of phenolic compounds (78 mg GAE/g DM) and anthocyanins (36 mg C3G/g DM) were obtained after 30 min of extraction at 80°C with a 48 mg/mL concentration of ß-cyclodextrin. The identification of the two main phenolic compounds cyanidin 3-Oglucoside and peonidin 3-O-glucoside was conducted by highperformance liquid chromatography (HPLC). This study concluded that the solid-liquid extraction process could be improved by the addition of an eco-friendly and safe (GRAS) solvent: ßcyclodextrin.
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Type: Conference Paper
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