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Title: Internal intervener, hidden leader
Authors: Kuran, Omaya 
Khabbaz, Lara
Nehme, Ziad 
Affiliations: Department of Business Administration 
Faculty of Medicine 
Issue Date: 2017
Part of: Academy of management proceedings
Conference: Academy Of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting (77th : 2017 : Atlanta, Georgia) 
This study is intended to demonstrate that the internal intervener of the Socio-Economic Approach to Management (SEAM) is a hidden leader inside the organization. Transformational change needs leadership with all its functions from establishing direction, to aligning, motivating, and inspiring people. Knowing the crucial role of the intervener in the change management and its influence on the organizations overall culture, the approach chosen had to be rigorous, participatory, holistic and multi-disciplinary; hence, three internal intervener will be describing their experience, using SEAM approach and tools to identify dysfunctions, reduce hidden costs and reveal untapped human potential in three different industries: Higher Education, Health care and Perming Arts Business. The intervention research approach adopted is a transformative approach that enables to achieve a deliberate change in organizations and contributes to the creation of scientific knowledge from the direct observation of the field. The three interveners will classify their contributions under themes related to leadership functions. The thematic analyses will reveal a common ground between the three different industries. The Interveners main objective is to transform Hidden cost into added value and to unveil the human hidden potential. This is not fulfilled if the intervener is not converted into a hidden leader while facilitating the intervention research.
Type: Conference Paper
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