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Title: The use of vaterite as a trap for metallie ions in water. Study of copper/vaterite and manganese/vaterite system
Authors: Aouad, Samer 
Saab, Elias
Abi Aad, Edmond
Nasrallah-Aboukaïs, Najat
Aboukaïs, Antoine
Affiliations: Department of Chemistry 
Keywords: cubic calcite
Issue Date: 2009
Part of: Lebanese science journal
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
Start page: 101
End page: 111
The crystalline transformation of vaterite into cubic calcite can be carried out under the influence of various aqueous solutions present in nature (tap water, various mineral water). It can also be performed due to heating under air or inert atmosphere. During its transformation, the vaterite can trap ions present in the aqueous medium. UVVis/NIR and EPR analyses carried out on samples recovered after reaction with different solutions of Cu2+ and Mn2+ show the presence of these ions in the structure of calcite after transformation. That demonstrates the capacity of vaterite to imprison metal ions during its transformation into cubic calcite. Mn2+ EPR signals detected after reaction of vaterite with demineralized water confirms trapping efficiency of vaterite in the presence of low ions contents.
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Type: Journal Article
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