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Title: Design of a PI-D controller of a scaled-model helicopter
Authors: Abiad, Hassan El
Khaldi, Mohamad 
Affiliations: Department of Electrical Engineering 
Keywords: Three-term control
Nonlinear systems
Subjects: Helicopters
Issue Date: 2006
Part of: WSEAS transactions on systems
Volume: 9
Issue: 5
Start page: 2120
End page: 2125
Scaled-model helicopters are highly nonlinear, coupled, and unstable machines. They have fast response and controlling them is very complicated and need high degree of precision. In this paper, a detailed nonlinear model is derived. The derived nonlinear model is linearized around a nominal point in the hovering state and a linear classical controller is designed. Then, an optimization algorithm is applied where the linear controller's parameters are adjusted offline so that the Integral Time-multiplied Square Error (ITSE), the error between the output response of the nonlinear system and the reference signal, is minimal. Both the linear and the optimized controllers are augmented with the nonlinear model and the simulation results are compared.
This paper was presented in " Proceedings of the 10th WSEAS International Conference on Systems, Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece, July 10-12, 2006 ".
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Type: Journal Article
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