Moustapha H. El Hassan was born in Tripoli, Lebanon in 1979. He is a graduate of the University of Balamand, Lebanon, from where he holds a BS (2001) and MS (2003) in Electrical Engineering. He also holds a Masters in Electronics (2004) from the University of Bordeaux, France. There, he earned his Ph.D. in Electronics (2007) from the IMS laboratory at the University of Bordeaux with High Honors.
During his stay in France, he was involved in a number of research endeavors. He also taught at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Electronique, Informatique & Radiocommunications de Bordeaux - France (ENSEIRB). Upon his return to Lebanon, he taught electrical engineering courses at several Lebanese universities. Currently, he is an associate professor of Electrical Engineering at the Department of Electrical Engineering.
At the University of Balamand, he is entrusted with a number of administrative, research, and teaching duties. He is a member of the university senate. He is also an active member of the Power Quality Research Group. Dr. El Hassan currently chairs the Engineering Projects and Theses Committee.
Being a firm believer in the importance of the student experience as an integral part of engineering education, Dr. El Hassan is the counselor of the UOB IEEE Student Branch, one of the most active student branches for IEEE in Lebanon.
Honors & Awards
2nd prize poster winner at the 11th Annual Conference for Engineering and Architecture Graduates in North Lebanon, ACEAG 2019, Tripoli, Lebanon, July 2019.
· 1st prize poster winner at the 10th Annual Conference for Engineering and Architecture Graduates in North Lebanon, ACEAG 2018, Tripoli, Lebanon, July 2018.
· 2nd prize poster winner at the eighth exhibition of the final engineering project organized by Order Of Engineering, Tripoli, Lebanon, July 2014.