I started research at the university of Balamand in 2004 at which time a grant was given for the purchase of new laboratory equipment (such as GFAAS) and that was the start of the research laboratory in the chemistry department Since then, my colleagues and I, have worked on several projects which resulted in fruitful publications The work involved mostly the detection, quantification and assessment of toxic heavy metals in various samples Various publications dealt with the analysis of foodstuffs including vegetables, various types of meats (fresh, frozen, processed), fish, milk and many others Besides the detection and quantification of toxic metals, toxicity assessment was always carried in order to study the extent of the toxicity and its possible negative effects on humans The latest work involved the detection and assessment of various toxic heavy metals in infant formula milk (IFM) It was found that most if the IFMs sold in our markets were contaminated to a certain degree with toxic metals The toxicity level in various samples was found not to exceed the recommended levels, however, in some samples the levels of the toxic metal were alarming!; Overall, my work involves the assessment of toxic heavy metals in various types of samples and is mostly oriented towards providing safety alerts due to the consumption of various products in our markets