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12018Uncoupling proteins: Martin Klingenberg's contributions for 40 yearsEchtay, Karim ; Bienengraeber, Martin; Mayinger, Peter; Heimpel, Simone; Winkler, Edith; Druhmann, Doerthe; Frischmuth, Karina; Kamp, Frits; Huang, Shu-Gui
22004Ubiquinone is not required for proton conductance by uncoupling protein 1 in yeast mitochondriaEsteves, Telma C.; Echtay, Karim ; Jonassen, Tanya; Clarke, Catherine F.; Brand, Martin D
32003Superoxide stimulates a proton leak in potato mitochondria that is related to the activity of uncoupling proteinConsidine, Michael J.; Goodman, Megan; Echtay, Karim ; Laloi, Maryse; Whelan, James; Brand, Martin D; Sweetlove, Lee J.
42003Superoxide activates uncoupling proteins by generating carbon-centered radicals and initiating lipid peroxidation : studies using a mitochondria-targeted spin trap derived from a-phenyl-n-tert-butylnitroneMurphy, Michael P.; Echtay, Karim ; Blaikie, Frances H.; Asin-Cayuela, Jordi; Cochemé, Helena M.; Green, Katherine; Buckingham, Julie A.; Taylor, Ellen R.; Hurrell, Fiona; Hughes, Gillian; Miwa, Satomi; Cooper, Christopher E.; Svistunenko, Dimitri A.; Smith, Robin A.J.; Brand, Martin D
52003A signalling role for 4 - hydroxy - 2 - nonenal in regulation of mitochondrial uncouplingEchtay, Karim ; Esteves, Telma C.; Pakay, Julian L.; Jekabsons, Mika B.; Lambert, Adrian J.; Portero‐Otín, Manuel; Pamplona, Reinald; Vidal‐Puig, Antonio J.; Wang, Steven; Roebuck, Stephen J.; Brand, Martin D
62011Possible mediators underlying Linalool effect on HepG-2 but not primary hepatocytesUsta, Julnar; Shatha, S; Racha, K; Bou-Moughlabey, Yolla; Rifai, Omar Al; K, Sawsan; Echtay, Karim 
72011Muramyl-dipeptide-induced mitochondrial proton leak in macrophages is associated with upregulation of uncoupling protein 2 and the production of reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen speciesKhoury, Takla El; Bahr, George M. ; Echtay, Karim 
82003Molecular properties of purified human uncoupling protein 2 refolded from bacterial inclusion bodiesJekabsons, Mika B.; Echtay, Karim ; Arechaga, Ignacio; Brand, Martin D
92007Mitochondrial uncoupling proteins-What is their physiological role?Echtay, Karim 
102004Mitochondrial superoxide and aging : uncoupling protein activity and superoxide productionBrand, Martin D; Buckingham, Julie A.; Esteves, Telma C.; Green, Katherine; Lambert, Adrian J.; Miwa, Satomi; Murphy, Michael P.; Pakay, Julian L.; Talbot, Darren A.; Echtay, Karim 
112020Mitochondrial bioenergetics, uncoupling protein-2 activity, and reactive oxygen species production in the small intestine of a TNBS-induced colitis rat modelOjaimi, Yara Al; Khachab, Maha ; Bazzi, Samer ; Bahr, George M. ; Echtay, Karim 
122015Lopimune-induced mitochondrial toxicity is attenuated by increased uncoupling protein-2 level in treated mouse hepatocytesHoss, Sara El; Bahr, George M. ; Echtay, Karim 
132011Linalool effect on HepG2 cells: structure function relationUsta, Julnar; Racha, K; Boushra, K; Echtay, Karim ; Bou-Moughlabey, Yolla; Rifai, Omar Al
142005Hydroxynonenal and uncoupling proteins : a model for protection against oxidative damageEchtay, Karim ; Pakay, Julian L.; Esteves, Telma C.; Brand, Martin D
152013Fragrance chemicals lyral and lilial decrease viability of HaCat cells by increasing free radical production and lowering intracellular ATP level : Protection by antioxidantsUsta, Julnar; Hachem, Yassmine; Rifai, Omar Al; Bou Moughlabey, Yolla; Echtay, Karim ; Griffiths, David; Chmaisse, Hania Nakkash; Makki, Rajaa Fakhoury
162009Effect of muramyl peptides on mitochondrial respirationJamal, N. El; Bahr, George M. ; Echtay, Karim 
172017Differential regulation of surface receptor expression, proliferation, and apoptosis in HaCaT cells stimulated with interferon-y, interleukin-4, tumor necrosis factor-alpha, or muramyl dipeptideDarazi, Emale El; Bazzi, Samer ; Daoud, Sarah; Echtay, Karim ; Bahr, George M. 
182018Absence of effect of the antiretrovirals duovir and viraday on mitochondrial bioenergeticsFadel, Jessy; Bahr, George M. ; Echtay, Karim 
1920114-hydroxy-trans-2-nonenal and mitochondrial uncoupling proteinsEchtay, Karim 
2020074-Hydroxy-2-nonenal and uncoupling proteins : an approach for regulation of mitochondrial ROS productionEchtay, Karim ; Brand, Martin D