Karam Jabbour obtained his Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering in 2011 (with honors) and his MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering in 2013 (with honors) from the University of Balamand (UoB, Lebanon). After, he obtained a scholarship from the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) to pursue his Doctoral studies between the Sorbonne University (Paris) and UoB. This scholarship was one out of seven full scholarships earned that year over hundreds of applicants from different Lebanese Universities. His Ph.D. was financially complemented by the CEDRE 2013 program and by the research council at UoB through the BIRG 14/2012 fund.

After publicly defending his Ph.D. in November 2016 and earning his Doctorate grade in Petrochemical Engineering, Dr. Jabbour joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at UOB as a Researcher in the fall of 2017. As a part of his teaching load, Dr. Jabbour was assigned several BS/BE and MS courses. He developed the chemical product synthesis and design course, he supervised multiple BS projects, he coordinated and taught the chemical engineering lab and, he prepared several petroleum courses such as reservoir engineering, drilling engineering and well testing (a course never considered previously in the BE/MS curriculum at UOB).

The well testing course was suggested by the Erasmus Plus project (GOPELC) aiming to design and build up (with the help of European partners) well defined BE/MS Petroleum Engineering based-curriculums. Dr. Jabbour has participated in a training session at the Gas and oil University in Ploesti-Romania within the scope of the GEPOLC international project.

In the spring of 2018, Dr. Jabbour initiated the Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Design Committee (CEUDC) to ensure that students are advised and their progress is monitored at a departmental level. Bylaws and principles have been prepared for correct functioning of the committee. The CEUDC is an active committee where members meet frequently (together and in presence of students) to decide about modifications (adapting curriculum and adjusting grading rubrics) that will continuously improve the Department. As committee president, Dr. Karam is a moderator on all projects and provides suggestions/remarks for the amelioration of the quality of the performed work. This committee reflected a positive feedback during ABET visit after meeting with the ABET evaluator regarding the types of projects and assessment methods adopted in the Department.

Dr. Jabbour is also a member in the Faculty of Engineering Recruitment Committee. The aim of this committee is to encourage students to join the Engineering program at UOB by providing them with guidelines and insights that will help them in discovering their areas of interest. He has been actively participating in orientations across Lebanon during which he presented the Chemical Engineering Department and the Faculty of Engineering at UOB.

Moreover, Dr. Jabbour is a member of the Faculty of Engineering Project and Thesis Committee. He tends to organize all Chemical Engineering presentation schedules at the end of each semester, prepare grading rubrics and fill the grading system for final approval from the president of the committee. He also participates with other members in elaborating bylaws and appropriate roadmaps for successful completion of projects/theses in the Faculty of Engineering.

Dr. Jabbour is a member in the Lebanese Order of Engineers and Architects since 2015 and is also a senior member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) since 2017.
Honors & Awards
14th Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements LIRA Conference
Winner of the “Second prize” award for the materials and nanotechnology category
11th Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements LIRA Conference
Winner of the “Innovation prize” award for the PhD category
Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF-Lebanon)
Three years Ph.D. scholarship (one out of seven full scholarships in Lebanon)
Qatar Petrochemical Company Ltd. (Qapco-Doha, Qatar)
Winner of the “Intern of the Year” award