An environmental epidemiologist by training (PhD of Epidemiology and Public Health /Sorbonne Universities Paris) (2014), Master of Environment and Hazards (University of Claude Bernard Lyon I) (2007), Dr Myriam Mrad Nakhlé (MMN) was initially educated in Biology Between 2008 and 2016, she has been lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Sciences of Saint Joseph University and the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research in the field of the impact of air pollution on health In addition, she has been a volunteer at arcenciel from 2007 till 2016, in charge of the research and development unit; MMN joined the Faculty of Health Sciences at University of Balamand in January 2016 as an Assistant Professor between the Public Health and the Medical Laboratory Sciences Programs She was appointed director of the Master of Public Health Program in January 2017 In January 2019, she was appointed chairperson of the Public Health Department; Ongoing studies leaded by MMN deal with the effects of ambient air pollution and indoor air pollution on respiratory, cardiovascular and skin allergic diseases in urban settings especially in Beirut Lebanon (Beirut Air Pollution and Health Effects BAPHE Study and Health Effects of Lebanese Schools Indoor Environment HELSIE study), waste management in urban and rural settings and healthcare waste management in Lebanon and several Arabic region MMN is collaborating with several national and international institutions to evaluate the health effects of air pollution in Eastern Mediterranean cities; MMN is the author and co-author of several international peer-reviewed articles and other publications She has given many lectures and presentations at various meetings