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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Structural Response and Numerical Modeling of Hot-Rolled Steel I-section Girder Curved By Two-Point BendingSaliba, Najib G. ; Gergess, Antoine 
22006Structural modeling of cold curved steel plate girdersGergess, Antoine 
32018Structural Behavior of Link-Slabs Connecting Simple-Span Precast GirdersGergess, Antoine ; Hawi, Philippe
42019Structural Behavior of Debonded Link-Slabs in Continuous Bridge DecksGergess, Antoine ; Hawi, Philippe
52003Simplified analysis of heat-curved steel girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
62016Seismic Provisions for Elastomeric Bearings in Bridge StructuresGergess, Antoine 
72020Repair of Severely Damaged Reinforced Concrete Beams with High-Strength Cementitious GroutGergess, Antoine ; Shaikh Al Shabab, Mahfoud; Massouh, Razane
82007Refined analysis for cold bending steel plate girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
92010Post-yield response of cold-cambered wide flange steel beamsGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
102011Optimized Non-Linear Solution for Bending Wide Flange Steel Beams about their Strong AxisGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
112017Numerical analysis of heat-curved I-girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
122014Non-linear analysis of wide-flange steel beams subjected to point bendingGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
132010Non-linear analysis of steel plate girders subjected to weak axis bendingGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
142014Inelastic response of wide flange steel beams curved by symmetrical weak axis bending using two-point loadsGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
152001Inelastic response of simply supported i-girders subjected to weak axis bendingGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
162017Inelastic Response of an Overhanging Steel BeamGergess, Antoine 
172012Implication of increased live loads on the design of precast concrete bridge girdersGerges, Najib N. ; Gergess, Antoine 
182009Implication of Increased Live Load on the Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges, Innovations in Bridge Engineering TechnologyGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
192014Impact of using higher strength concrete on the design of prestressed concrete bridgesGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
202007Heat curving HPS 485W bridge I-girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan