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12021Always-convergent hybrid methods for finding roots of nonlinear equationsHitti, Karim ; Haddad, Samir El ; Sayah, Jinane ; Feghali, Stéphanie
22017Cost reduction of cylindrical steel oil storage tanksHitti, Karim ; Feghali, Stephanie; Tahhan, Assad
32018A novel monolithic Lagrangian approach for modelling crack propagation using anisotropic mesh adaptationHitti, Karim ; Feghali, Stephanie; Rafeh, Faten ; Bernacki, Marc; Bouchard, Pierre-Olivier
42018Optimal steel choice for reducing the cost of spherical pressure vesselsHitti, Karim ; Feghali, Stephanie; Tahhan, Assad
52014Optimized Vs. classical dropping and rolling methodsHitti, Karim ; Feghali, Stephanie; Bernacki, Marc
62018Optimizing the cost of steel cylindrical tanksHitti, Karim ; Feghali, Stephanie; Tahhan, Assad
72016Permeability computation on a representative volume element (RVE) of unidirectional disordered fiber arraysHitti, Karim ; Feghali, Stephanie; Bernacki, Marc
82019A practical tool for the stability estimation of underground quarries in North FranceRafeh, Faten ; Mroueh, Hussein; Hitti, Karim ; Burlon, Sébastien
92019Prediction of football matches results using neural networksAchkar, Roger; Mansour, Ibrahim; Owayjan, Michel; Hitti, Karim 
102018Smart x-ray scanners using artificial neural networksAchkar, Roger; Narcis , Johnny; Abou Awad, Wael; Hitti, Karim 
112014Stabilized finite element approach for fluid-structure interactionFeghali, Stephanie; Hachem, Edith; Hitti, Karim