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12014Are-Gold and Oil Returns Subject to a Nonlinear Long-Run Relationship?Bassil, Charbel; Hamadi, Hassan; Mardini, Patrick 
22016Bitcoin in Lebanon : the tradeoff between risk and innovationKharsa, Sarah; Khoury, Tina; Mardini, Patrick 
32016The Case for Repairing Broken Channels without the Use of Unconventional Monetary PolicyMardini, Patrick 
42016Cryptocurrencies in Lebanon : The Tradeoff between Risk and InnovationKharsa, Sarah; Khoury, Tina; Mardini, Patrick 
52017Economic Reform in a Sectarian-Political Regime : The Case of Electricity in LebanonMardini, Patrick 
62015The Endangered Classical Liberal Tradition in Lebanon : A General Description and Survey ResultsMardini, Patrick 
72014Free Banking in BelgiumMardini, Patrick ; Schuler, K
82015Free banking in Belgium : Intervention, Regulation and RestrictionsMardini, Patrick ; Schuler, K
92019Gold and oil prices : stable or unstable long-run relationshipBassil, Charbel; Hamadi, Hassan; Mardini, Patrick 
102011LEcole Autrichienne de A à ZMardini, Patrick 
112016Monetary Policy : Time for Oil Price TargetingAli, Nabil Al; Mardini, Patrick 
122015Monetary Policy during the Crisis : Identifying Keynesian and Austrian Economics within the MainstreamMardini, Patrick 
132014Monetary Policy Transmission to Construction in 11 Eurozone CountiesMardini, Patrick 
142016Oil Price and the U.S. Stock Market : a Change in the Long-Run RelationMardini, Patrick ; Ali, Nabil Al
152015Oil return, fed funds and the dollar from 1987 to 2013Ali, Nabil Al; Mardini, Patrick 
162017Reforms in an Oligopolistic Political Market : The Case of Electricity in LebanonMardini, Patrick 
172017Sports Sponsorship Effect on Sponsoring FirmsBoustany, Nouhad; Kiwan, Maria; Mardini, Patrick