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12014Are-gold and oil returns subject to a nonlinear long-run relationship?Bassil, Charbel; Hamadi, Hassan; Mardini, Patrick 
22016Bitcoin in Lebanon: the tradeoff between risk and innovationKharsa, Sarah; Khoury, Tina; Mardini, Patrick 
32016The case for repairing broken channels without the use of unconventional monetary policyMardini, Patrick 
42016Cryptocurrencies in Lebanon: the tradeoff between risk and innovationKharsa, Sarah; Khoury, Tina; Mardini, Patrick 
52010The dutch disease syndrome in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria: a comparative studySaab, Gretta ; Ayoub, Maya
62017Economic reform in a sectarian-political regime: the case of electricity in LebanonMardini, Patrick 
72019Effect of feedback on eBay sellers' business using markov chainDib, Youssef ; Roumieh, Nour; Saab, Gretta ; Maroun, Mariette
82015The endangered classical liberal tradition in Lebanon: a general description and survey resultsMardini, Patrick 
92009Financial development and growth in the GCC areaSaab, Gretta ; Ayoub, Maya
102018Financial literacy and its measurementSaab, Gretta 
112014Free banking in BelgiumMardini, Patrick ; Schuler, K
122015Free banking in Belgium: intervention, regulation and restrictionsMardini, Patrick ; Schuler, K
132019Gold and oil prices: stable or unstable long-run relationshipBassil, Charbel; Hamadi, Hassan; Mardini, Patrick 
142009Human development indicator and growthSaab, Gretta ; Ayoub, Maya
152009Human development indicator: a new perspectiveSaab, Gretta 
162011LEcole Autrichienne de A à ZMardini, Patrick 
172010Management of the financial crisisSaab, Gretta ; Khayr Yaacoub, Hala 
182015Monetary policy during the crisis: identifying keynesian and austrian economics within the mainstreamMardini, Patrick 
192014Monetary policy transmission to construction in 11 eurozone countiesMardini, Patrick 
202016Monetary policy: time for oil price targetingAli, Nabil Al; Mardini, Patrick